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Top Swing simplifies learning and improves the golf swing.
Premiere: 2005 in Orlando.

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Top Swing is an electronically controlled swing robot. Its advantage: beginners latch on immediately to the proper motion concept, indeed not just visually as when using photos or a video. With Top Swing, students can feel and execute a picture perfect swing straight out of the instruction books from the very first lesson on. Something never achieved until now!

Handicappers and pros on the other hand, can individually work on their swing. Sensational and absolutely new is that Top Swing, using computer controls, allows the individual nuances of every swing to be taken into account. Through this, golf instructors and students can work in a concentrated and refined manner on details of the swing in a way never previously seen.

Top Swing is going to revolutionize golf instruction. Golf will become easier to learn. The golf swing, one of the most complicated motions in sport, becomes less intimidating using Top Swing. Golf from the first day, from the first hour onwards is fun.

Top Swing made its debut to the broader public at the PGA show in Orlando in January, 2005.

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Top Swing consists of six shafts that are controlled by a PC. All shafts conjoin together at a point, to which a golf club is fastened. The golf pro can, according to his individual wishes, define the swing path of the club without being subjected to a particular system. He can swing steep or shallow, fast or slow, cock the wrists early or late, come from the inside or outside, exactly as he wishes and accordingly, has made adjustments using the computer program.

As if in addressing the ball, the student grips the club and is then led by the swing robot. The motion must however, be initiated by the student. With this the student feels how the club is taken away, as defined by the pro and then swung forwards through the ball into a perfect finish position.

Taking into consideration the student's swing tendencies, as well as body height and range of motion, optimal swing curves can be saved for the student for future repeated use.

Compared to other teaching aids, beginners learn much faster and with more lasting effect using Top Swing. Lower handicappers can feel and correct swing faults. Top Swing is a quantum leap in modern golf instruction.

Top swing was developed by Prof. Erik Grädener and Sascha Orlic, PGA Golfprofessional at Märkischer Golfclub Potsdam. The first tests with Top Swing at the Märkischer Golf Club Potsdam, outside of Berlin were sensational. Students learned the golf swing significantly better as opposed to other traditional methods. Research is currently underway to improve even more, the efficiency of Top Swing.

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